The Wheels Of Steel

With The Wheels Of Steel you can scratch and mix MP3s with two Turntables + mixer.

  • Left-click a track to load it on the left turntable.
  • Right-click or shift + click for the right turntable.
  • Click and drag the needle to seek while the record is playing.

Scratching and precision
Once you grab the record, the mouse can move anywhere within the screen without losing position. The closer to the outside of the record, the smoother the mouse movement and scratching effects are.

Record backspin
Grab the record with the mouse and throw it forward or backward for a spin effect. During a backspin, the record will take slightly longer to catch up when it is near zero-velocity. Combine backspin with cue points as a fun way to loop beats.

Pausing the record
If you click and release without moving the mouse, the record will simply pause. This is handy when you want to briefly delay the record without losing tempo. Super-fast clicks can substitute for pitch bending in some cases.

Cue point “drum machine”
While on the left deck, use the number keys 1 through 5 to set cue points (shown as pieces of tape on the record) on bass drums, snares, hi-hats as they happen (look at the waveforms for timing) – and then press those keys again to play those sounds. You can cut, mix and match samples to make your own sequences or drum beats. Combine with brake effects, backspins etc. for even more fun. To over-write an existing cue point, use shift + 1. You can also set cue points when the power is off.

Power scratch / beat juggling effects
Cheat real-world turntable physics by setting a cue point (eg. 1) on a bass drum sound, then scratching over that sound; let the beat run for a bar or two, then hit 1 and click + drag to seamlessly scratch from the beginning of the loop as though you were beat juggling two copies of the same record.

Power brake mix
When a snare or bass drum plays, press < to stop the left deck’s motor and produce an electronic brake sound effect; combine this with ← to cut the cross-fader to the left deck to play just this sound, then hit ↓ or → to bring the other turntable back into the mix for the next beat. Using shift + ↓ turns the power off, letting the motor spin down – a longer-running sound than stopping the motor.

Quick pitch bending
To match the other record, grab the pitch slider and drastically change the record speed (e.g., if behind, speed it up +6%); as it nears being in sync, bring it back towards the matching speed (e.g., +1%.)
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